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Skip to search. New user? generic viagra safe use Register sign in help make y! viagra to buy online in australia My homepage mail my y! Yahoo! Yahoo! viagra viagra wiki New zealand answers search search web home browse categories my activity sorry, you need to be signed in to see this. buy viagra online Not a member? Join here. About how answers works points & levels community guidelines leaderboard suggestion board answers blog ask what would you like to ask? viagra without a doctor prescription Answer discover what are you looking for advanced search home > all categories > health > diseases & conditions > heart diseases > resolved question bird member since: 09 september 2008 total points: 1,321 (level 3) add contact block resolved question show me another » is wolff parkinson white syndrome genetic? Is wolff parkinson white syndrome genetic? My mum has wolff parkinson white syndrome and i wanna know if it can run in the family. Thanks 3 years ago report abuse by aziz member since: 16 july 2009 total points: 48,038 (level 7) badge image: add contact block best answer - chosen by voters family studies, and more recent molecular genetic investigations, indicate that the wolff-parkinson-white (wpw) syndrome and associated preexcitation disorders can have a substantial genetic component. natural supplements that work like viagra Because preexcitation disorders are sometimes inherited as single gene disorders, key mechanistic insights can be gained that are expected to be relevant also to the more common multifactorial forms of these traits. Potentially, such insights will inform the future management of these conditions. viagra viagra wiki Where wpw is inherited as a familial trait, with or without associated cardiac defects or a systemic syndrome, there are clinical genetic ramifications that are already of practical importance. Source(s): 3 years ago report abuse 60% 3 votes action bar: 0 stars - mark this as interesting! Email comment (0) save rss there are currently no comments for this question. cheap viagra usa * you must be logged into answers to add comments. Viagra price on prescription Sign in or register. Other answers (1) by gangadharan nair member since: 27 may 2006 total points: 178,893 (level 7) badge image: add contact block mutations in the prkag2 gene cause wolff-parkinson-white syndrome. Most cases of wolff-parkinson-white syndrome occur in people with no apparent family history of the condition. buy viagra on the internet These cases are described as sporadic and are not inherited. Familial wolff-parkinson-white syndrome accounts for only a small percentage of all cases of this condition. The familial form of the disorder typically has an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance, which means one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause the condition. viagra generic discount In most cases, a person with familial wolff-parkinson-white syndrome has inherited the condition from an affected parent. Viagra vs viagra for women Source(s): 3 years ago report abuse 40% 2 votes discover questions in heart diseases marfan syndrome probability > please answer if you know anything about it? best generic viagra Supraventricular tachycardia? viagra viagra wiki Hypothyroid or liver damage? where to buy viagra high street White coat hypertension? india generic viagra online pharmacy Thoughts...? viagra shots alcohol Ready to participate? viagra 10 mg n3 Get start. guitar song viagra commercial
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