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Be low grade with few mitotic figures micro images: low power shows border with normal cardiac muscle;  fascicles intersect at sharp angles and are composed of cells with blunt ended nuclei #1;  #2;   #3-also slight vacuolar appearance;  epithelioid appearance with round/oval nuclei;  epithelioid and spindled areas;  high power shows hyperchromatic ovoid nuclei with blunt ends;  various images;  spindle cells with frequent mitotic figures (fig 2);  pas shows diffuse punctate droplets of glycogen;  smooth muscle actin;  desmin #1;  #2 positive stains: pas for intracytoplasmic glycogen, trichrome shows longitudinal fibers; actin, desmin (usually) negative stains: cytokeratin (may be positive in epithelioid areas), s100 em: notched or infolded nuclei, thin actin filaments with focal densities, micropinocytotic vesicles, thin but distinct external lamina, dispersed glycogen, rare mitochondria or endoplasmic reticulum em images: various images dd: fibrosarcoma (tapered nuclei, no intracytoplasmic glycogen, no pleomorphism, negative for actin and desmin), metastatic leiomyosarcoma, particularly from the uterus ( clin transl oncol 2006;8:375 ), intravenous extension of tumor ( ann thorac surg 2007;84:644 )   liposarcoma of heart top very rare mean age 53 years usually right atrium metastasizes to lung, liver, bones, cns mean survival is 8 months case reports: encasement of heart by metastatic myxoid liposarcoma ( cardiovasc pathol 2002;11:322 ) gross: bulky tumors up to 10 cm, often cystic, soft, bosselated; may have multiple tumor implants on surface of great vessels or diffuse pericardial growth gross images: tumor nodules over posterior epicardium of left and right ventricles;  large right atrial tumor overlying tricuspid valve;  tumor obstructing almost entire left ventricle micro: pleomorphic liposarcoma resembles mfh or fibrosarcoma, but with lipoblasts containing multiple vacuoles that indent the cell nuclei; myxoid liposarcoma has prominent plexiform vascular pattern and signet ring type lipoblasts micro images: pleomorphic liposarcoma with vacuolated cells in 64 year old man with atrial mass;  numerous lipoblasts with large cytoplasmic vacuoles that indent the nucleus;  numerous lipoblasts with vacuolated cytoplasm;  signet ring lipoblast in myxoid background;  metastatic myxoid liposarcoma to heart positive stains: s100, oil red o (myxoid liposarcoma) negative stains: alcian blue em: numerous nonmembrane bound lipid droplets fill cytoplasm and are associated with mitochondria; large indented nucleus is at cell periphery dd: lipomatous hypertrophy of interatrial septum (cells resemble brown fat, but no lipoblasts or myxoid background; a. buy viagra online canada no prescription no rx viagra cheap Viagra use bph Viagra online in india viagra wholesalers best generic viagra online generic viagra effects of taking viagra with alcohol buy cheap viagra can buy viagra singapore pharmacy where to buy viagra for the brain cheap viagra in usa what is viagra super active plus where can i buy viagra cvs buy viagra online cheap canadian viagra buy online where can i buy viagra cvs viagra und viagra zusammen nehmen where can i buy viagra cvs generic viagra in usa youtube viagra russian click pe imagine pentru a continua